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Cordless Phones to Take on VOIP


Cordless phones are not just for the traditional user anymore.

VOIP providers are hearing from their subscribers that being connected to the computer all the time is just not acceptable. These companies are looking to industry leaders like Logitech to "cut the strings" – so to speak.

VOIP calls are made using internet protocol and have been connected to the computer through a USB port. Now companies are developing cordless handsets for VOIP users that are giving users the freedom to roam and talk.

Logitech had a recent introduction of a cordless phone that state wirelessly connected to the PC via a USB base station. Users have the ability to place calls from as far as fifty meters from the computer.

The VOIP cordless phones are designed to look and feel more like traditional handsets. They are not at all related to cell phone technology. Many of the models that are currently on the market require no outside power source and can work with a laptop or a PC.

Many small and medium companies have started turning to VOIP as a way to cut the cost in their communications. The development of new and more advanced cordless phones will continue to grow the interest in this technology.

Cordless phone technology caused a revolution in the telecommunications industry when it was first introduced. No longer users were chained to one spot while talking on the phone. Being cordless mean being able to walk outside, walk in the other room, or even get in the shower, all while having a conversation over the phone.

Similar cordless technology is poised to do the same thing to the Voice over Internet Protocol telephony industry. Without cords to hinder a user's activities, and with phone calls around the world at low or no cost, it is possible that this new experience will push the VOIP industry into the use of the common man.


Source by Kathryn Lang